Picture Gallery

Your picture gallery as a slide show for your SmartPhone.

Here, you can see how you quickly and easily can implement a slideshow with DynamicCodes. de.

When you're done, just scan the QR code and the slideshow is loaded directly from the Web.


  1. Create your photp show using an online provider of your choice such as E. g. Flickr. com
    picGalleryWebView s

  2. Select the "Lightroom" view of the gallery you selected
    picGalleryLightBoxView s

  3. Copy the number before the text "LightBox" from the URL in the address bar of your browser.

  4. Add the number at the end of the special link for the mobile Web page from Flickr.


    The mobile link can be tested directly with the browser of your Smartphone.

    In the browser on the PC it doesn't work, because it is recognized that the mobile Web pages will not be called from a mobile device.

  5. Configure your new URL for the slide show as a QR link
    picGalleryConfigureLink s

  6. Choose and purchase a product such as the "picture gallery Cup".
    picGallerySelectCup s

    picGalleryOrderCup s

  7. Start using your new cup a slide show starter.
    Scan Deine Tasse