Cool ideas for your dynamic codes

This article tells you what cool ideas you can implement with your DynamicCode...
Of course you can specify various web pages to be used with your dynamic QR link. However, a few ideas are more useful than others sure. In this article we want to imagine a few ideas. The good thing is you can change the QR link at any time if you no longer like where it is pointing at.

Share with your friends, what you really like:

  • link your personal homepage
  • link to your Facebook, Twitter or other social media page with the QR link. For example on a shirt with a picture to your social network. (Respect the trademark rights and any other rights of your respective network.)
  • show your friends your favorite video on YouTube
  • link your best photos for example as described in the article Picture Gallery
  • Weather product: design as a T-Shirt with weather elements such as lightning, clouds, Sun, umbrella and the QR link to the current weather forecast for your city.

Invitation / Flyer:

Something useful around organizing or celebrating a party. No matter whether party at the youth club or wedding, a link from DynamicCodes.de fits on each invitation.

Create a great invitation and use the link for example for:

  • a route using online maps with the target location
  • the homepage of the location (Partylocation, Convention Centre, Restaurant or Hotel)
  • a wish list of gifts - which could be you personal amazon wish list

Advertisement / Communication:

Individual invitations, greeting cards, postcards or flyers with QR link allow also with a low budget, to make marketing like the big ones.

This can be useful in private environments. For example, with:

  • A sticker that shows the sales ad for the car or motorcycle in an online portal
  • A flyer or stickers, which linked to a current online auction.