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What is DynamicCodes.de? Or what could I do with it?

Let's answer these questions.

  • First DynamicCodes.de is an internet platform that deals with QR Codes and their use on various products in the real world.

  • Because QR codes on products cannot change once generated, it is the goal of DynamicCodes.de to keep the individual content of for each QR code created changable at any time. These are primarily web addresses or URLs. For individual QR code management per user registration to get a user account on DynamicCodes.de is required. Registration and the user account are free of charge, of course.

  • Which products and styles you want to use to print your own QR code is up to you. We have chosen a range of designs and products but also offer the ability for you to create your own designs with a dynamic QR code. The product is manufactured, sold and delivered by partners.

  • A few suggestions on what you can do with DynamicCodes.de:


If you have questions or like to provide feedback please contact our  customer service.